Our Story

Starting with just a few customers, to now the largest supplier of restaurant cooking wood in the area. 

Our Promise to You

At Carolina Cookwood, we make a promise to backyard grilling enthusiasts like you. We’re dedicated to bringing you sustainable, robust smoking flavor that takes your grilling game to new heights. When you choose Carolina Cookwood, you’re not just getting any cookwood – you’re getting the best, naturally cured wood that delivers an unmatched taste experience.




Naturally Cured


Robust Smoking Flavor


Quality Packaging

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Kiln Dried vs Naturally Cured Cookwood

At Carolina Cookwood, we believe in preserving the natural flavor of wood for the ultimate grilling experience. Unlike mass producers who kiln-dry wood at high temperatures, stripping away its unique flavors, we take a different approach. All our wood is naturally cured, allowing it to retain its authentic taste that adds that special touch to your grilled dishes.

Only The Best Quality of Cookwood

We care about the quality of our wood chunks, which is why we go the extra mile in packaging. Each wood chunk is meticulously hand-packaged in organic and breathable burlap bags. This ensures that your wood retains its freshness and desired moisture content, guaranteeing optimal performance when it comes to smoking your favorite meats and vegetables.

If you’re a commercial cooking enthusiast who relies on wood chunks, we’ve got you covered too. Carolina Cookwood offers highly competitive pricing for our wood chunks, so you can enjoy the best flavors for your business without breaking the bank.

Choose Carolina Cookwood and taste the difference that naturally cured wood can make in your grilling endeavors. Experience the true essence of flavor and quality, all packaged with care in our breathable burlap bags. Get ready to take your grilling to the next level with Carolina Cookwood.