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Take your next wood-fired cook to an unparalleled level with the world’s best “Naturally Cured” cooking wood

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Welcome to Carolina CookWood™, Trusted by America’s Top Grill Masters and BBQ Restaurants

Introducing our exquisite selection of naturally cured premium cookwood, crafted to elevate your culinary adventures to new heights. Choose from our range of Oak, Cherry, Apple, and Maple, Hickory and Pecan cookwood, each meticulously sourced and skillfully prepared to infuse your dishes with unparalleled flavors.

Bud Williford, Founder & CEO

Why Naturally Cured Cooking Wood?

Authentic Taste

At Carolina Cookwood™, we believe in preserving the natural flavor of wood for the ultimate grilling experience. Unlike mass producers who kiln-dry wood at high temperatures, stripping away its unique flavors, we take a different approach. All our wood is naturally cured, allowing it to retain its authentic taste that adds that special touch to your grilled dishes.

Robust Smoking Flavor

We’re dedicated to bringing you sustainable, robust smoking flavor that takes your grilling game to new heights. When you choose Carolina Cookwood™, you’re not just getting any cookwood – you’re getting the best, naturally cured wood that delivers an unmatched taste experience.

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“I purchased the product for my wood fired pizza oven and my Solo Ranger fire pit. The wood is the perfect size and the customer service is excellent.”

“The Best Wood You can buy for all of your cooking needs”

“I always get the best flavor, every time. Apple and White Oak Wood Chunks are my go to”