Smoking Wood Chunks

Smoking Wood Chunks

Smoking Wood Chunks


Choose from our six different types of wood chunks. All of our chunks are naturally cured (never kiln dried), preserving the desired natural smoke flavor. Our wood chunks are hand packaged in natural, breathable (12" x 20") burlap bags. They are also available packed in 10, 25 and 50 lb boxes. You may order your wood chunks here on our site, or find them at one of our many retailers.

Carolina Cookwood Smoking Chunks Are Air Dried Not Kiln Dried

Fresh, just-cut wood is what most of us would call green wood. Wood chunks (not chips) are considered dry product but the logs that come straight fresh cut is full of water and "sugars". You want the water to evaporate so the wood will burn evenly while retaining the natural sugars to add flavor to your cook.

This air dried wood is known as “seasoned wood,” and for smoking it’s actually not completely dry so there is a tasty smolder that is passed on to your food.

Kiln-dried wood is used for furniture, cabinets, flooring, and many other products, as it is less likely to cup and warp. This allows manufacturers to make a more durable product.

For BBQ and smoking Carolina Cookwood prefers to use a lengthy air dried process to ensure a high quality flavor from each bag. Our air-dried wood has a higher moisture content than kiln-dried wood, making it more popular among pitmasters seeking optimal smokiness.

Here are the woods we recommend for smoking at Carolina Cookwood:

  • Oak. We are fond of the white oak and for barbecue, you’ll notice the smoke gives the meat a slightly sweet, vanilla-tinged flavor similar to a Kentucky bourbon. Since they age bourbon in oak barrels at many distilleries this makes a solid pairing with your pour of choice.
  • Hickory. Hickory is a popular choices for a longer cook. It burns clean but has a slightly bolder flavor that’s reminds many of bacon.
  • Pecan. Pecan chunks have a mild, sweet flavor but it does burn quicker than oak or hickory and is a good choice for a shorter cook when your doing a more delicate choice like fish, ribs, and poultry.
  • Apple, cherry, and maple. These fruitwoods are similar to pecan as they burn faster than oak and hickory. They produce smoke with an extremely subtle and but sweet taste. They are ideal for fish, poultry, and pork.

Shipped in Burlap Bag (approx. 750 cubic inches) / 10-12 cookings per bag