National BBQ Month

May is National BBQ Month! Across the nation, BBQ and grilling enthusiasts are dusting off the smokers and lighting their grills. As spring gives way to the summer grilling season, mouths are beginning to water with what is to come this year from the shared passion of BBQ!

Professional BBQ contests are now in full swing with sanctioning bodies seeing their biggest year yet. A great way to try the best BBQ in the world is on the battlefield of competition. Becoming a certified BBQ judge should be on your “MUST DO” list this summer.

Don’t forget to dive into all the popular social and digital media detailing BBQ and grilling this month. Immerse yourself in the tried and true techniques of veteran grillers as they share their secrets. You can easily become the backyard pitmaster at your next event by subscribing to some of the awesome YouTube channels and social media platforms that are streaming this month!

Here is a fun idea during National BBQ Month. Explore a different take on BBQ and grilling by searching out international BBQ flare! Perhaps now is the time to try your grilling hand at Korean BBQ, Indian Marsala or perhaps a Polynesian Luau. It is amazing to see the different techniques and flavor profiles achieved when we look at BBQ globally!

Whatever your taste or skill level, National BBQ Month can be the springboard into an amazing season of BBQ and grilling. Invite friends and love ones over this month for a carnivorous feast and remember you don’t make friends serving salad!

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