Wood Chunks Soaking







Our Hickory, Maple, White Oak, Cherry, Apple, and Pecan wood chunks can be used with charcoal grills, gas grills or smokers. The smoke created by burning wood chunks will add a rich flavor.

Since our wood chunks are freshly cut and naturally cured, you can use them as they are, or you may prefer to soak them in water, apple juice, wine, beer, whiskey, or any liquid of your choice. If you have leftover chunks, let them dry out to use again later.


When using a charcoal grill, place several chunks directly on your coals when lighting them. When coals are ready (using tongs) move the wood chunks to the side, away from the coals. This allows the wood chunks to smolder without flaming up.

When using a gas grill, place several chunks on cooking surface about ten minutes before cooking. They will get hot on the cooking surface and release smoke. Close the cover while cooking so that your food will absorb the great wood flavor. You may also place your wood chunks in small cast iron skillet on the cooking surface.


When using a charcoal smoker, the procedure is the same as the charcoal grill except you will continue to feed your smoker with chunks.

When using a gas smoker, keep adding chunks until it meets your preference.

The key to achieving superior flavor is the temperature control and the length of time in the smoking process. Try using your wood chunks lightly until you know just how strong a flavor you prefer. You may also try mixing wood flavors e.g. Hickory and White Oak.

Experiment and enjoy!