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How To Cook With Wood Chunks

Our Hickory, Maple, White Oak, Cherry, Apple, and Pecan wood chunks are ideal for ceramic grills. They also work very nicely with any charcoal grill or smoker. The smoke created from our wood chunks will add a wonderful, smoky flavor.


First, get your charcoal base lit and burning. When the coals are ready, add two to four wood chunks around the perimeter of the coals so they don't flame and burn up. Let the wood chunks burn slowly, emitting the amount of smoke that you desire. Mix and match wood types to discover new flavors.


The smoking process is basically the same as for grilling, except that your temperatures will be much lower. Add your selection of wood chunks to a hot coal base and let them smoke to your satisfaction. You may need to add more chunks as your cook progresses in order to keep the heat and smoke levels adequate for your specific cook.

Experiment and enjoy!