Our operation is located in upstate South Carolina. Our cooking wood is locally harvested, freshly cut and naturally cured.

We supply and deliver split Hickory, Oak and Cherry to barbecue restaurants. Most of our wood-fired restaurants use a Hickory/hardwood mix. However, we do supply some of these restaurants with a single species cookwood.  We deliver on pre-measured pallets to over sixty restaurants in North Carolina and South Carolina. We offer prompt delivery and competitive pricing.


Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens







We offer our freshly cut and naturally cured Hickory, Maple, White Oak, Cherry, Apple, and Pecan wood chunks in burlap bags to retailers and the domestic grill-master. Our wood chunks are ideal for use with ceramic cookers, charcoal grills and many types of smokers. The smoke created by our wood chunks will add a rich, distinct flavor. You may order your wood chunks on our web store, or find them at one of our local retailers. If you use wood chunks for commercial cooking, we offer very competitive pricing. Please contact us at carolinacookwood@gmail.com.


Harvesting Apple Orchard for Wood Chunks