Carolina Cookwood

Natural Outdoor Cooking Fuels

Smoking Wood Chunks | Smoking Mini Splits | Backyard Pizza Oven Wood | Charcoal

“Our love for natural cooking fuels comes second to none. We strive to ensure that we are providing the highest quality wood and charcoal products available on the market.”


Naturally Cured Smoking Wood Chunks

Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Pecan, White Oak

Mini Splits

Smoking Mini Splits

Cherry, Hickory, Maple, White Oak, Pecan

Pizza Split wood

Backyard Pizza Oven Wood

6 & 12 inch White Oak



Crafted Hardwood

Our Story

Carolina Cookwood began with a conversation between two friends over ten years ago when wood-fired cooking was on the rise. Bill Deal owns a sawmill close to Charlotte, NC. He asked his friend, Bud Williford what he thought about supplying cooking wood to local restaurants. 

We are a Commercial Wood Supplier


With 2 commercial firewood processors, we process over 50 full cords of cooking wood per week. Our customers grill over coals, bake with Pizza ovens and slow cook with various types of BBQ pits. You can be confident that our wood will provide the proper heat and flavor consistent with your business model. We deliver within a 200 mile radius of our facility in Blacksburg, SC.